Boyfriend “Love Style” photocards.

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 BOYFRIEND Members are Masters at Taking Optical Illusion Pictures

The BOYFRIEND members have revealed an uncanny talent in taking optical illusion pictures.

On June 19, the official BOYFRIEND’s Twitter tweeted a series of pictures of the BOYFRIEND members under the title, ‘Love Style comeback commemoration! These skilled individuals proof shots revealed.”

The optical illusion pictures showed such humorous pictures as Jo Kwang Min seemingly holding up leader Kim Dong Hyun on his hands.

Netizens commented saying, “What stylish optical illusion pictures”, “I wish I was good at taking these kind of photos” and “Always cheering you on!”

BOYFRIEND is currently promoting its title song Love Style.

Photo credit: Boyfriend’s Twitter
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Boyfriend releases album jacket for “Love Style”
Having kicked off their Korean comeback preparations yesterday with the release of a floral teaser image, Boyfriend is back with an album jacket photo!

Released through their official Twitter, Boyfriend unveiled a new picture from their album jacket, ‘Love Style‘. Said to have been inspired by the ‘downtown hipster’ fashion of New York, Boyfriend s…howed a contrasting image to their floral look with a unique look full of individuality.

Netizens commented, “Boyfriend has gotten manlier~”, “Their style seems to have been upgraded!”, “The explosive visuals are coming back”, and “I’m looking forward to what kind of style they’ll be showing!”

Starship Entertainment revealed, “This album will show a definite change along with a reflection of the current trends interpreted in Boyfriend’s own style. They’ll be trying some of the hottest looks for men this year like colored and patterned suits along with street fashion.”
Their ‘Love Style’ mini-album will be released on June 14th.

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05-05-2012. Minwoo at Nano City 20th Azalea Festival (2/2).

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