BOYFRIEND Members are Masters at Taking Optical Illusion Pictures

The BOYFRIEND members have revealed an uncanny talent in taking optical illusion pictures.

On June 19, the official BOYFRIEND’s Twitter tweeted a series of pictures of the BOYFRIEND members under the title, ‘Love Style comeback commemoration! These skilled individuals proof shots revealed.”

The optical illusion pictures showed such humorous pictures as Jo Kwang Min seemingly holding up leader Kim Dong Hyun on his hands.

Netizens commented saying, “What stylish optical illusion pictures”, “I wish I was good at taking these kind of photos” and “Always cheering you on!”

BOYFRIEND is currently promoting its title song Love Style.

Photo credit: Boyfriend’s Twitter
Credit: enewsworld / Lian Cruz



This is the in-charge of Boyfriend fanclub ^_^

Did you enjoy watching the members’ 1st Anniversary Party video?

You enjoyed the cake while watching the members eat it didn’t you?^0^

In the video, we wanted to personally give Bestfriend cake so we wondered if you felt our efforts ^_^


[PIC] Hyunseong - SUNSHINE INDEX (4P)



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Credit : BoyfriendFamily
Via : Takusuki and nominwooworld | @welovebf

We’ll show you much better and cooler image. Please looking forward to it.


Thank you for always giving us courage!

- Hyunseong

Really wanna see you!

- Jeongmin

I’ll work hard for activities in Japan as well


We’re going soon, please wait a little more!

- Kwangmin

Please give us, BOYFRIEND, lots of love and support

- Minwoo

Credit: kissdonghyun


[HQ] 120421 BoyFriend @ Twins Party.

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120419 Donghyun & Hyunseong to day going to Beauty Salon 

cr: Ran_JS

120419 Hyunseong & Minwoo today going to Beauty Salon.

credits: Tong

120413 Jeongmin, Youngmin, Hyunseong and Minwoo from Salon TODAY. 

sources: J-Style | Sweet Hamster | To: Yiyaoyao | S.H

Take our with full credits.

i’ll find Donghyun & Kwangmin picture.

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